International Guitarist, Musician, Composer, Author & Producer.



Bill is a very proficient session guitar player. He is available for studio sessions and online guitar e-sessions.

Studio sessions [In-person]

Bill is mostly found in Nashville, USA and also Australia. He will travel if required.

Guitar e-Sessions [Online/Remote]

I offer session guitar services via the internet to clients all around the world. You don't have to pay for cartage (fees to transport musical equipment to the studio), for meals or for extraneous wasted time. I work my hardest to ensure the client is 110% satisfied with the product they are getting. Turnaround times are typically between 3-5 business days once the brief has been finalised.
Having playing professionally for nigh on 20 years, I am well versed in a range of styles and sounds and I know what it takes for a "guitar part" to add to a composition.
I have played on many commercially released recordings in Australia and have also toured with Grammy award wining musicians and artists internationally. When you use my services, you are getting someone who will take your project seriously and who will deliver you a quality product.

What styles can you play?

Any style really: Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Funk, Pop and everything in-between. The only exception would be strict classical “pieces” such as are performed by Andre Segovia and the like.

Where can I hear your playing?

I have a Sound-Cloud page. There’s a lot of different music, many of which are my own compositions, a lot of it “guitar-heavy.” I suggest you listen to the “session guitar sampler” which is a compilation of various projects I have played on.

Can I see/read your bio?

Sure you can. Please visit the bio link above for the inside scoop on yours truly. The TL;DR version is that I’ve won some awards for my compositions, have been featured in magazines/media and have endorsements with major musical instrument manufacturers.

What gear do you use?

You can check the “Equipment List” below for the gear that I use. I use a lot of both name-brand and boutique equipment. I even have a preamp that was custom made for me by an Australian tube-amplifier builder. Do I have the most expensive equipment money can buy? No I do not. Don’t be fooled into the notion that having top of the line gear means a person knows how to use it; I once worked with an engineer in Nashville who had a $20K+ Pro Tools HD setup who didn’t know how to operate the software fluently!!! Another “sad but true” real life story. I use my equipment every-day and it is well maintained and in excellent working order. I know how to pull great sounds and capture the “vibe” of the guitar and I know my way around DAW software better than a lot of guys who claim to be “engineers” or “producers.”

Do you read music and/or Nashville number charts?

Absolutely: I can read both bass and treble-clef notation, chord charts and the Nashville number system. I have worked in the USA with “session” musicians who couldn’t read standard notation and I recall one of them asking me on a session to “help a brother out” and assist them. Yes, sad but true! For a nominal additional fee, I am also happy to transcribe anything I play/perform for you so that if need be, you can give these parts to your live band or musicians. I’ll supply these in PDF format.

I don’t have notation – can you play by ear?

Again, yes – this isn’t a problem. I taught guitar for well over a decade, much of which consisted of students bringing music in they wanted transcribed for them.

How does this work?

1. Firstly, email me and I will email you out a brief and give me as much info re what you are after as you can. If you want a “Slash style” guitar solo, or a “slamming funk rhythm” this is where you let me know! If you have reference tracks (i.e. recorded parts that are similar to what you are wanting), you can attach them as links within your brief. The more detail you provide means the closer I can get to what you are after. If you don’t know what the song needs, that’s fine too, I am more than happy to interpret these for you and this is a big part of what I generally do.

2. I will get back to you within 48hrs and discuss the project with you further, clarifying exactly what it is you are after.

3. Once you’re happy that I know what it is you want, you then pay a deposit (half of the agreed upon fee – see below) and send me your track. You can send me an MP3 file, a session file/folder (note: Pro Tools or Logic only) or the individual WAV or AIFF files of your project. You may send me the files via DropBox or OneDrive. Please ensure the track will be what you want me to perform to and is in time, in tune etc. It doesn’t have to be mixed, but the tempo and the sections should be somewhat “finalised.” Once your deposit has been received and I have the project files, I get to work on your track and finalise the parts within 3-5 business days.

4. You will receive a demo of the parts embedded within an MP3 for review. I will perform up to 3 revisions of the parts if you are not happy.

5. Once you are satisfied, you can pay the balance and I will then send you high quality WAV or AIFF files (24bit 44.1 or 48khz) via OneDrive or DropBox. I’ll also keep the parts on file for up to a year after the fact however, I am unable to store them for you in perpetuity.

Do I own the parts afterwards, or are there strings attached?

The files are completely “yours” with no copyright strings attached. You are free to chop them up and/or edit them to taste. If required, I am happy to sign “work made for hire” agreements or another type of disclaimers. All I ask is that you credit me on the album/EP liner notes.