International Guitarist, Musician, Composer, Author & Producer.


Would you like your music mixed by someone who is an actual musician?
Sadly, this seems to be a touch gig to fill these days. The internet is populated with folks calling themselves "producers"who don't play an instrument and importantly, who don't understand the language of music. Manly of these folks haven't even purchased the software they are running their mixes on!

I approach mixing in much the same way I approach my music, and to me mixing is all about perspective; what should be the focus of the music? Who is the lead character here and how are the other parts supporting or embellishing the narrative of the piece? Of course, understanding a range of musical styles also helps. Knowing how to add dimension, character and "vibe"to a work is all about getting inside the music and working towards the goal of enhancing the composition.

Tech Talk

I like to work "in the box" for my mixes and on that note, I have a ton of plugins and the latest software that has been purchased legally. Please see the gear tab for more info here.
I've very sensitive to pops/clicks and transients and I always make sure the raw tracks that I'm given are as polished as they can be before I begin laying out the parts and applying effects, automation and all of the other details that make up a credible mix.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I don't work for free (you won't find me on Fiverr, that's for sure!) but you might be surprised how affordable I actually am.