International Guitarist, Musician, Composer, Author & Producer.


Are you looking for a songwriting partner? Or maybe you need music for visuals, i.e. film, T.V, an indie game or something else?

I love to compose music, seriously! I love it so much, I'm currently studying music composition as a DMA student at the Sydney Cons of Music in Australia. Currently, I've written music in a range of genre's ranging from instrumental guitar driver pieces, co-writes with Nashville singer-songwriters, elaborate experimental process music to music for film / T.V and specific genres.

You can hear some of my examples on either of my Sound-Cloud pages here: /billpalmermusic or /tubbytones

As the parameters are so broad in this respect, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I'm happy to accommodate all budgets and projects incl. indie singer-songwriters and startups.

Likewise, I'm equipped to compose for film, TV commercials and label artists.